Boston City Council Official Resolution - Ann Hershfang Day

Official Resolution OFFERED BY CITY COUNCILOR Michelle Wu WHEREAS: Ann Hershfang was born on May 1, 1935; and Ann and her husband Herbert purchased their home on West Rutland Square in the South End in 1965 and have been fixtures in the local community ever since; and WHEREAS: Ann and Herbert raised their two daughters, Rachel and Jennifer, in the South End and contributed greatly to the Boston Public Schools as active parents at the Rice-Bancroft School; and WHEREAS: In the 1970’s Ann became the first woman appointed to the Board of the Massachusetts Port Authority because of her transportation policy work as a member of the League of Women Voters, Ann was instrumental in defeating the proposed South-End By-Pass Road, and, while Massachusetts under-Secretary of Transportation and Construction, in causing the substituted railroad tracks to be placed underground and the creation over it of the Southwest Corridor Park; and WHEREAS: Ann has shown lifelong dedication to her neighborhood of the South End, the Southwest Corridor and the City of Boston as a community advocate, volunteer and founder and board member of WalkBoston, among many other endeavors; Be it Therefore RESOLVED: That the Boston City Council hereby expresses its congratulations and best wishes for continued success, that this Resolution be duly signed by the President of the City Council and attested to and a copy thereof transmitted by the Clerk of City of Boston; and Be It Further RESOLVED: That the Boston City Council, in meeting assembled, hereby declares May 1, 2015 ANN HERSHFANG DAY IN THE CITY OF BOSTON
Boston City Council Minutes
Publication Date: 
Wednesday, May 13, 2015