On Marathon Day, the Boston Athletic Association looks out for the safety of runners; the other 364 days a year it’s up to WalkBoston.
For three years, WalkBoston was a Boston Marathon official charity team. Today, thanks to the generosity of the John Hancock Marathon Non-Profit Program, WalkBoston is proud to announce that RunBoston will run another year. Members of RunBoston support WalkBoston’s efforts to make Massachusetts communities safer, healthier, greener and more neighborly through better walking.

Interested in joining our 2014 Marathon Team? Please contact: Susan Hurley, Charity Teams, 978.852.7891,

By collecting contributions from friends, family, colleagues and others, RunBoston runners earn the privilege to compete in the world’s most prestigious running event, the Boston Marathon. This year we are proud to have six awesome runners training and fundraising with RunBoston.

Meet the team

Kevin Handly - Support Kevin today! WalkBoston was created out of the belief that every community in Massachusetts needs safe walking routes and programs to encourage walking. WalkBoston works with neighborhoods, developers, City planners and educators to make walking a safe, practical and healthy alternative to driving.  In my neighborhood of  Pondside Jamaica Plain, the emphasis for far too long has been on accommodating cars, and not at all on pedestrians.  WalkBoston has been of great assistance in working to shift that focus back in the direction of healthful walking, running and biking.  A crossing light malfunctions?  Snow and ice blocking a cross walk?  No safe way to cross to the Pond?  I call WalkBoston and am amazed at how quickly and effectively these problems can be addressed.  That's why I'm delighted, for the third year in a row, to be running the Boston Marathon to help raise funding for WalkBoston.  Help me support this worthy cause.


J.B. Wolcott - Support J.B. today! I'm proud to be pushing WalkBoston's pedestrian agenda for a fifth straight year. As the New Year begins, I am exactly 15 weeks away from my 15th straight Boston Marathon, running it on Monday, April 15th.  Which is why I'm asking each of my friends to step up with a  $15 donation this year. WalkBoston is a great cause, one which impacted my life firsthand when I was a local, but one which models three things I think we should all strive to build wherever "local" is for us nowadays.

Something as simple as promoting walking around town, and advocating for basic safety for all of us when we choose to walk has three major benefits as I see it:

(1) health-- every mile we walk instead of riding boosts not only physical but also mental health
(2) environment-- when we walk, we pollute less... and lots of us pick up more litter while walking, too
(3) community-- when we walk, we interact with other folks who cross our path... even a "Buenos días" or a smile to a stranger builds our community and boosts our happiness 

For all of these reasons, I hope you'll join me in supporting WalkBoston this year.

Franklin Byrd - Support Franklin today! WalkBoston advocates for public policies and decisions in transportation, land use and real estate development that produce pedestrian and runner--friendly built environments. The advocacy benefits everyone, but especially those who depend on walking most – people with lower incomes, elders, children, people with disabilities, and transit users. But you donʼt have to take my word for it, see why others chose to run the marathon to benefit WalkBoston as part of our RunBoston team.

“One of my favorite areas of work WalkBoston does is safe routes to school, for children. I will never forget having to run past the little pink backpack sprawled across the side of the road after my routine run took me past two little girls who were just hit on their way to school.” Holly Hanneman (2011)

“WalkBoston enhances community life. Being a full time stay at home mom of two daughters, I can appreciate the value of WalkBostonʼs work. The Iron Horse Trail in my local town, allows free access to the community to meet for a coffee walk, a safe path for our kids to walk or ride their bikes to school, say hello to our neighbors, get in our daily exercise, walk our dogs, or sell lemonade on a hot summer morning.” Mercedes Murallo (2011)

Sam Lam - Support Sam today!I'm officially running in this year's Boston Marathon set on 4/15. I'm running on behalf of Team RunBoston, a charity with the belief that every community in Massachusetts needs safe walking routes and programs to encourage walking that will lead to a healthier life style for all. My fundraising goal is $3,500 which is also the minimum that I need to raise in order to run in this race.

For all donations of $100 and up, I will run with a personal message of your choice, or run with the donor's name. (Either written on me with a marker or pin to my shirt on race date). Sincerely, Sam Lam.



Jodi Fairbanks - Support Jodi today! My name is Jodi, I’m not an elite athlete , just your every day runner who loves to race. This is my first marathon and I could not be more proud to be on Team RunBoston! WalkBoston is an organization that is dedicated to:

(1) improving walking conditions for pedestrians
(2) improving awareness of using walking as a mode of transportation
(3) proposing and supporting legislation to support pedestrian safety
(4) provide programs which support a healthy lifestyle for children
(5) provide the tools necessary for individuals to be an advocate for their community

Why is supporting WalkBoston important to me? Having safe walkways and roads has always been a necessity for me: from biking around the neighborhood when I was young, to walking to and from class in Boston, to running around my hometown of Chicopee. I have always taken it for granted that I have had a safe area to commute or exercise in. I think it is imperative that we continue to keep these areas safe for pedestrians as well as promote walking as a form of exercise and transportation. I’m asking you to support WalkBoston so that pedestrians can walk continue to walk, run and bike safely!

Frequently asked questions

  • Can I racewalk the marathon? Yes! However you must be able to complete the marathon within six hours
  • Is there someone who will help me with my fundraising goals? Yes! There are staff members and a team coach dedicated to helping you meet you fundraising and running goals.
  • I am qualified and already have a number. Can I raise funds for WalkBoston? Yes! If you are qualified and already have a bib number please contact:

Team Training

Get the most out of running with RunBoston! Join Coach Susan Hurley and other Charityteams runners as they get ready for Marathon Monday together. Click here to view or download the RunBoston training schedule.