The myth of the beleaguered Boston driver

It’s easy to blame crazy cyclists or headphoned jaywalkers for getting hit by cars, but the victims are often children and elderly people. Calls for personal responsibility also mask the underlying issue: Many streets and intersections in Boston aren’t properly designed for the mix of people using them. On the radio show, Walsh took a call from a Jamaica Plain resident who bemoaned rampant jaywalking in the Longwood Medical Area, near South Station, and elsewhere. “It’s impossible to drive without everybody running out in front of you,” the caller said. “It’s dangerous.” The other possibility is that, when throngs of transit commuters pour out of South Station every morning and jaywalk across the street, they’re sending a message of their own: We’re focusing too closely on the needs of motor vehicles, and not enough on all the people around them.
Boston Globe
Publication Date: 
Sunday, May 21, 2017