For health

For Health

Regular activity, like walking, is “the closest thing to a magic bullet for your health” [Graham Colditz, MD, Washington University, School of Medicine] and is hard to beat when it comes to keeping yourself healthy.  As the first and most fundamental form of transportation and physical activity, walking is fun and easy for people of every age, income, or ability.  At WalkBoston, we’re dedicated to promoting walking for health, transportation, and recreation in all cities across Massachusetts. Our Walk Your Way to Health brochure provides data and statistics on the benefits of walking for your health.

It’s easy to engage in walking on a daily basis. Walking is a safe low-impact exercise for all ages, and it’s fun and gets you where you need to go.  Walking has numerous health benefits, including:
• Controls and prevent hypertension
• Increases HDL-cholesterol levels (good cholesterol)
• Controls weight
• Increases bone density
• Decreases mental stress
• Improves circulation and posture

For Your Heart
Heart-related diseases are closely related to the capacity of the heart to pump blood to meet your body’s needs.  You can strengthen your heart’s capacity by walking.  Brisk walking should make your heart beat faster. Walking equals other exercises in heart benefits, even jogging or running.  Walking at 75% - 85% of a maximum heart rate offers the same health benefits as aerobic exercise while resulting in fewer injuries because of the lower force hitting the ground.  Walking 3 miles an hour, or around 20 minutes per mile, should get your heart beating faster, improving blood flow and increasing health benefits.

For Diabetes
The World Diabetes Foundation recommends that people diagnosed with diabetes should avoid stress, exercise regularly, and reduce weight if overweight, which can all be helped by walking regularly.  Changing diet and increasing physical activity like walking can prevent 80% of type 2 diabetes diagnoses. In fact, a study of over 3,200 overweight adults found that a good diet and 2.5 hours of walking per week reduced the risk of developing diabetes by 58%.  Diabetes can lead to increased risk of kidney failure, lower-extremity amputations, and blindness.

For Your Life
Walking is especially important in the prevention of chronic disease, which effects nearly 1 out of every 2 American adults.  Nearly all chronic diseases are related to obesity, which puts stress on muscles, heart, and bones.  The United Nations World Health Organization and the US Center for Disease Control agree that chronic diseases can be prevented or delayed by being active and walking.  Walking also helps alleviate the symptoms of chronic disease.  Combining just 20 minutes of vigorous exercise 3 days a week with a weekly walking routine can reduce the changes of mortality by 50%.

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