Bostonians answer mayor’s call for acts of kindness

Mayor Martin J. Walsh encouraged residents to carry out random acts of kindness across the city Wednesday to commemorate the victims of the Boston Marathon bombings on the second anniversary of the terror attack, and inaugurate a new tradition called “One Boston Day.” For members of Walk Boston, a pedestrian advocacy group, that meant sprucing up crosswalks to make travel by foot safer for those heading to work in the morning. Brendan Kearney, Walk Boston’s communications manager, used spray chalk Wednesday to outline two faded and forgotten crosswalks on School Street, restoring their ability to usher pedestrians across the road and slow down drivers who typically barrel down the busy street. “They were almost completely faded, so we just wanted to repair the crosswalks to make them more visible for drivers, so they knew pedestrians would be crossing there,” Kearney said. Kearney said Walk Boston’s plan worked and as motorists approached the impromptu crosswalks, they pumped the brakes. Members of the group stood on the street corner holding brightly colored signs, and cheered for drivers who let pedestrians pass. “Some of the drivers gave us the thumbs-up or honked,” he said.
Boston Globe
Publication Date: 
Wednesday, April 15, 2015