Good Walking is Good Business - Free Presentation and Brochure Download

Good Walking is Good Business
Published 2012
Prepared through support from The Barr Foundation
Pedestrian facilities are a vital element of the public realm, serving all businesses and residents. They pay off in increased retail sales, healthier employees and higher real estate values. Businesses gain wherever walking conditions are improved.
WalkBoston’s Good Walking is Good Business brochure provides data and statistics on the important connection between walkability and economic prosperity. The numbers are astounding and prove this is a wise investment. Dollar for dollar, the returns of a walkable neighborhood are impressive, from more customers to healthier, more productive employees.

Is your neighborhood uninviting to pedestrians? Thanks to the Barr Foundation, WalkBoston has created a  “Good Walking is Good Business” presentation, which we take to communities that would like help becoming more walkable. Let us know if you would like to have us come to your community.

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