Walk Audit Examples - Free PDF Downloads

Walk Audit Examples
You can download two example reports that WalkBoston has produced after conducting walk audits. (Example language from the Gardner Walk Audit is below). 
Purpose of the walk audit workshop
WalkBoston held a walk audit workshop for communities in the Montachusett Region working with the Montachusett Public Health Network on the Healthy Weight Initiative.
During the workshop, we:
1. Reviewed the basic elements of the pedestrian environment
2. Conducted an on-street walk audit observing and recording the quality of the walking experience in Gardner
3. Discussed findings and addressed questions about the walk audit process. 

An intended outcome of this workshop was for participants to use the skills learned to conduct similar workshops in their own communities. Downtown Gardner was chosen as the study area in which workshop participants practiced their observation and analysis skills. This walk audit report serves as an example of the content, detail and recommendations contained in a typical walkability assessment.

Overall Recommendations
Our key recommendations include:
• Improve sidewalk conditions in some residential areas
• Use pavement markings to delineate travel lanes and parking spaces
• Install additional pedestrian crossing signs at midblock crossings to enhance pedestrian safety
• Narrow driveway widths and tighten curb radii at the street edge
More detailed recommendations for each street can be found in the Specific Findings section of this report.

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