Encouraging utilitarian walking as part of everyday life is a shared objective of many stakeholders in Massachusetts, including WalkBoston, local community groups, municipal governments, and state agencies. One potential strategy to increase everyday walking is the installation of wayfinding signs, which can give local residents clear information about walking routes and walking times to get to and from key destinations. With funding from the Massachusetts Department of Public Health (DPH), WalkBoston has worked with seven communities (as of June 2017) to create systems of wayfinding signage, in efforts to advance our common goals of shifting towards non-vehicular modes of travel and promoting physical activity. We've put together a summary report of this work, titled "Implementing Pedestrian Wayfinding Systems in Massachusetts." 

WalkBoston’s initial wayfinding project in 2014 focused on Codman Square, which is a hub of commercial and civic activity in the Dorchester neighborhood of Boston. Working with local community organizations and DPH’s statewide Mass in Motion program, WalkBoston installed 90 wayfinding signs along the arterial streets that lead to and from the Square. 

Building off this initial effort, in 2016 WalkBoston placed approximately 300 additional wayfinding signs in five communities (Springfield, Turners Falls, Fall River, Northampton, Belchertown) in partnership with DPH’s “1422” program, which is funded by the US Centers for Disease Control to promote utilitarian walking. WalkBoston also installed three pavement decals near its office in downtown Boston to test the durability of sidewalk marking materials. This test was inspired by the Fall River wayfinding project, which included the installation of several pavement decals in locations where there were no street poles to mount signs.

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To share questions and comments, please contact Adi Nochur, Project Manager, at 617-367-9255 or anochur@walkboston.org.