Annual Celebration

Communities and advocates are stronger when they connect, learn, and help each other. We are excited to launch the WalkMassachusetts
Network to support local committees and organizers. Come learn about the network’s valuable peer-to-peer forums and technical assistance. 

World Day of Remembrance Walk, Ride and Vigil

Sunday, 11/19: Join the World Day of Remembrance Walk and/or Ride!

This or That: Hybrid vs. Electric & Running vs. Walking

Chronicle interviewed Wendy Landman about walking for a segment on "This or That?"

How Boston Is Trying To Make Its Intersections Safer

Try to cross most Boston intersections and you know the drill: Press the button — and wait. The standard in Boston has been for the walk signal to come up only after cars get their green.

MFA engages residents in City Talks forum on climate change

Adi Nochur, a program manager at WalkBoston, said during the forum that climate change is an issue that is expansive and requires a lot of different people to confront and challenge it. “Addressing climate change is such a multifaceted struggle where we expend our energy,” Nochur said. “We need people who are going to be working on all of those different front lines and lending their skills and capacities in whatever unique way they can contribute.

Art Starts a Dialogue on Climate Change at the MFA

Adi Nochur, a panelist and project manager for WalkBoston, an organization dedicated to making walking in Boston more safe and sustainable, pointed to how the recent hurricanes that impacted Puerto Rico, the Caribbean, Florida and Houston were related to climate change. He said art could help to open up a broader conversation about what to do next. “This isn’t just about flooding. This isn’t just about the environment,” Nochur said. “It’s about what are the impacts on our communities if we don’t actually address this issue?”

Melrose seeks Complete Streets via roadway improvements

Public outreach, including at last year’s Victorian Fair and Sally Frank’s Farmers’ Market, helped the city focus on the most pressing projects, with further input from the Pedestrian and Bicycle Advisory Committee, and advocacy groups like the Massachusetts Bicycle Coalition and Walk Boston.

Implementing Pedestrian Wayfinding Systems in Massachusetts

Implementing Pedestrian Wayfinding Systems in Massachusetts  One potential strategy to increase everyday walking is the installation of wayfinding signs, which can give local residents clear information about walking routes and walking times to get to and from key destinations.




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