Report: Strategies for improving pedestrian safety through low-cost traffic calming

Low cost fixes to calm traffic and enhance safety on municipal streets and state roads can be a great place to start, as they are likely to be adopted and completed sooner than more expensive projects, and can serve as catalysts for long-term change.

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Pedestrian Infrastructure: Strategies for improving pedestrian safety through low-cost traffic calming
Published August 2015
Prepared for Mass in Motion, an initiative of the MA Department of Public Health

Low Cost Pedestrian Improvements

Low Cost Pedestrian Improvements  Pedestrian Infrastructure: Strategies for improving pedestrian safety through low-cost traffic calming. August 2015. Prepared for Mass in Motion, an initiative of the MA Department of Public Health

Northern Avenue bridge closure felt by businesses, residents

For Seaport-area bars and restaurants that relied on the Old Northern Avenue Bridge for a constant stream of patrons on foot, the bridge’s shutdown in December has put something of a damper on things.

Open House: South Boston - Dorchester Avenue Corridor Study

The BRA is launching a process to create a new vision and plan for the Dorchester Avenue corridor area in South Boston

Imagine a Boston with just a fifth as many cars

WalkBoston representative Wendy Landman made the case for humanity's oldest form of transportation: our feet. Boston is already extremely walkable, she said. It has the highest walk to work score in the United States, as well as one of the lowest pedestrian fatality rates. The area for opportunity, she said, is connecting walkable places like Newbury Street and Mass Ave to less walk-friendly neighborhoods like the proposed tennis venue at Harambee Park.

Letters - On "Public/Private" (responses to Spring 2015)

The “Public/Private” issue captured ideas about many of the boundaries and mixing zones that exist in modern cities and raised some provocative questions about how we should govern and regulate space to meet the diverse needs of city dwellers. However, I hope a future issue will focus on that most significant and largest element of our communities’ shared space, comprising more than 30 percent of total land area: streets and sidewalks.

Redesigning This Somerville Highway Underpass Is More About Function Than Fashion

"Incorporating an arts project while creating safe transportation connections between neighborhoods is a win-win. We're hopeful that improving the street crossing on the approach to the underpass would be a priority as part of the project, too," said Brendan Kearney, Communications Manager at WalkBoston. "Drivers treat this section of the road as an extended acceleration zone before the 93 on-ramp, and don't expect people walking or biking here; re-painted lane lines and a raised crosswalk would go a long way to improving safety for everyone."

A walking audit

Senior citizens leant a helping hand – actually feet – last week as they participated in a walk audit of the corridor from the Town Common to the courthouse through Healthy Hampshire and funding through the Mass Councils on Aging and Mass in Motion. A group of 19 adults, aged 55+, gathered at the Belchertown Council on Aging on Friday morning to hear from Sarah Bankert, coordinator at Healthy Hampshire, and Stacey Beuttell, program director at WalkBoston.

BrooklineCAN Annual Meeting

BrooklineCAN is inviting WalkBoston to be an exhibitor at its annual meeting on Thur


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