Building Complete Streets

On a bright Tuesday morning, in Boston’s western neighborhood of Allston, a small group of locals with picket signs crowds onto a little wedge of concrete. They’re standing on Cambridge Street, right where a highway on-ramp splits off from the fiercely busy six-lane road that has been a sore point for years.

Our View: Fixing Fall River's sidewalks

The senior champions program is a good community partnership aimed at addressing a big problem in clear view that has been neglected as people zip by in their cars. No road maintenance program in the city can be complete without also ensuring safer pedestrian travel.

Boston's Snowed-Over Sidewalks Create A Mess For Pedestrians

Kearney’s point is the situation isn’t safe for the guy with the stroller, or really any pedestrians these days. Unshoveled or half-shoveled sidewalks and tall mounds of snow blocking sidewalks from intersections make difficult obstacle courses for the most able-bodied. Everyone from walkers to people in wheelchairs are forced out onto the streets, and then forced to scatter when cars appear.

City pursues improvements for elderly residents

Many at the forum were people working for elder-serving organizations or advocating for a more accessible city overall. Wendy Landman of WalkBoston suggested the city should form a cross-department working group that includes Elder Services, the Boston Transportation Department and the Commission on Disabilities to examine crosswalk improvements, slow zones and lowered speed limits.

Union Square: Design Charrette - "Walk, Bike, Ride, Drive"

Tuesday, March 10th 8-9PM - "Walk, Bike, Ride, Drive" - Union Square is a hub of transportation activity. How can our neighborhood plan ensure that streets, sidewalks, paths and public transit support our social, economic and environmental goals? 

Teens, seniors wanted to measure traffic speeds in Brookline

Seniors and teens walk more than other people, according to WalkBoston. Many teens walk because they are too young to drive or don’t have access to cars.

Snow-covered sidewalks, cleanup complicate parade plans

As if it wasn’t enough to clear Boston’s streets after two major snow storms, municipal workers now must prepare a parade route to bring the champion New England Patriots on a victory ride through the city — an undertaking that has some worried about pedestrian safety.


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