Guided Walking Tour - Markey Footbridge & Plaza, Revere

Guided Walking Tour of the new Christina and John Markey Memorial Pedestrian Bridge & Plaza, Revere, MA.

We'll start at the Revere Beach Station at 5pm, walk along the beachfront and end at the bridge/Wonderland Station. 
Tour will be led by Miguel Rosales, the lead Bridge Architect & President of Rosales + Partners.

Building Boston

This week, You Are Here explores the city of Boston with an eye on development. Between 1630 and 1880, the city of Boston tripled in size. Its location, prime territory on a harbor, allowed it to attract trade, immigrants and resources. It used these resources to establish itself as a port town, a trading center. From there, it went on to be one of the nation’s industrial hubs. And from there- to a college town, with districts known for the arts and sciences. The city has never really stopped growing.

Summer Fellows Present Research on Union Square

Presentation on Urban Design Strategies for Union Square
Thursday, August 15, 2013
6 pm
Union Square Main Streets, 66-70 Union Square

Walking the Walk: How Walkability Raises Home Values in U.S. Cities

More than just a pleasant amenity, the walkability of cities translates directly into increases in home values. Homes located in more walkable neighborhoods—those with a mix of common daily shopping and social destinations within a short distance—command a price premium over otherwise similar homes in less walkable areas.

Traffic Calming Benefits, Costs and Equity Impacts

This paper describes a framework for evaluating traffic calming programs. Potential benefits include road safety, increased comfort and mobility for non-motorized travel, reduced environmental impacts, increased neighborhood interaction, and increased property values. Traffic calming can help create more livable communities and reduce suburban sprawl. Traffic calming costs can include project expenses, liability claims, vehicle delay, traffic spillover, problems for emergency and service vehicles, driver frustration, and problems for bicyclists and visually impaired pedestrians.

WalkBoston: Good Walking is Good Business

WalkBoston, Massachusetts’ main pedestrian advocacy organization, is working to reach beyond active transportation and smart growth partners to recruit allies in the retail, employer and real estate worlds to promote walkable communities. WalkBoston’s latest publication, Good Walking is Good Business (PDF), presents a wide array of research that shows how walking benefits many elements of the economy.

Parks and Open Space Mayoral Forum

Parks and Open Space Mayoral Forum

Come meet the future mayor of our city! This is an exciting time for Boston and we want all the candidates to know that parks count!

The Next Real Estate Boom: How Housing (yes, housing) can Turn the Economy Around

Chris Leinberger and Patrick Doherty make the case to rewrite national policies to encourage the construction of walkable urban places. The demand for residences in mixed-use walkable neighborhoods is growing while demand for McMansions has slowed. They also suggest taht this is a great opportunity to get the real estate industry back to work and could help bring an end to the Great Recession.

MBTA Bus Simulator Tour

Join YPT Boston on a technical tour of the MBTA training school/facility for bus operators! As part of the tour, you'll be able to test the bus simulator used to teach and test drivers as they go through training. The tour takes place at the Charlestown training facility. 



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