Boston: Connect Historic Boston

Connecting to Boston history Over more than 300 years, Downtown Boston and nearby neighborhoods have been the site of many important historical events. Many buildings remain to illustrate that history. In this small area of about one square mile, distances are so short that many find it easy to cross the entire area on foot. There are also buses and subways which crisscross the area and can help you get to where you want to go.

Good Walking is Good Business

Local businesses thrive in densely-populated, walkable communities. According to the presentation, workplace fitness and wellness programs have been shown to reduce employer health-care costs by 20 to 50 percent. Working in a walkable community allows employees of local businesses to walk to work, lunch or any other destination they may need to go to during the workday.

Walking in Arlington Historical Walk

Walking in Arlington and the Old Schwamb Mill present our Fall 2013 Walking Tour: From Foot of the Rocks to the Alms House Site: Exploring Arlington's Late 19th and Early 20th Century Streetcar Suburban Developm

Walkability can boost physical and economic health

A new presentation by WalkBoston, an advocacy group that serves all of Massachusetts, shows how an increase in pedestrian traffic provides a boost for local businesses. The slideshow, “Good Walking is Good Business,” is available at According to WalkBoston, homeowners and employees do not want to be dependent on a car for every trip from home. Employers may also be looking to locate in areas that have more of a “village” feel, instead of an industrial park off an interstate highway.

Senior Safety Zones Committee Hearing

Action Alert:

Tuesday, June 18th at 1PM -

Take action, and help ensure that senior citizens in high-risk areas are safe from the dangers of fast moving vehicles!

Boston: Shawmut Peninsula

An intriguing self-guided tour tracing Boston’s original shoreline. Text describes points of interest.

MassDOT Big Dig Tour

Learn about Big Dig construction, operations, and maintenance! See the tunnel systems first hand, and climb up on the Zakim Bridge to view the structural components of the bridge (the underside too!). The Big Dig tour also includes seeing the intake/exhaust systems and power system for the Central Artery/Tunnels and the MassDOT Highway Operations Center. 


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