Simple Fixes for Walkable Streets

Simple Fixes for Walkable Streets  Communities can make real change to the safety and quality of their streets without spending a lot of money. Featured here are nearly two dozen proven low-cost ways to create safe, dynamic, accessible spaces for all people who use them - and many require only some paint. Each tool falls in one of four categories: create relationships, paint with a purpose, add signs or make streets lively. These solutions help create clear and safer behaviors for everyone. 

Magic Pill, Episode #17: Location, Location, Location: It Can Impact Your Exercise Habits Too.

This is a tough one: What do you do if where you live and work gets in the way of moving more? No gym nearby, streets that don’t feel safe, bad air. It makes getting out there all that much harder. But from biking to walking groups to special programs, there are ways around those barriers.

Driver crashes Bentley while drag racing in Back Bay

On Monday, FOX25 met with a number of safety advocacy groups that say the latest accident highlights the need to slow traffic down.

Crosswalk Confusion

And woe to those who try to obey the law… Brendan Kearney: “Let’s see how long it is before people start honking their horns for the right turn… Ah, there we go.” Driver peer pressure forces them to break it. [video at link.]

Boston Launches App-Based Competition To Encourage Safe Driving

Brendan Kearney of the pro-pedestrian group WalkBoston says the app won't be a silver bullet, but it's another tool to use in the Vision Zero program. "If this helps get the word out about Vision Zero and reducing fatalities and serious crashes by being more courteous about how you get around the roads, it's great," Kearney said.

Melrose pursues grant to increase transportation connectivity

A recent condition assessment of every Melrose road conducted by the engineering department, a free citywide bike-ability assessment by the Massachusetts Bicycle Coalition and a free WalkBoston and Watson Active assessment on accessibility of Melrose schools for pedestrians and bicyclists will all be entered into the GIS before the city determines its priority projects for Complete Streets.

Letter to the Editor

The past year has been a tumultuous one filled with surgeries, physical therapy, scars, and a lot of tears as I recovered from what happened to me that night. I have joined organizations such as WalkBoston and Livable Streets, that fight for safety on our roadways, for all of us who use them.

Steps being taken in Boston to curb crashes involving pedestrians

In recent months, Boston has seen a spike in car crashes involving pedestrians. [See video interview at link.]

After 2nd duck boat crash this year, a renewed call for change

Brendan Kearney, a spokesman for Walk Boston, a nonprofit that advocates for pedestrian safety, said duck boats are not suitable to urban environments where people are walking, biking, and driving. “I’ve never sat in the driver’s seat of a duck boat, but I’m sure they are very difficult to drive,” he said. “They are vehicles that were meant to storm the beaches of Normandy. They were designed to do a very different thing than they are used for today.”

Striking Level of Carnage

"It's a small staff in the planning department with these large tasks ahead of them and these wonderful, audacious goals that are bold and would make the city a better, livable place, but I don't think they have the staff or the funding to implement these things," said Brendan Kearney, of WalkBoston, a member of the city's Vision Zero task force.


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