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the 14th annual lantern festival

A much-loved event for Jamaica Plain as well as the Greater Boston community, the Lantern Festival draws its inspiration from the Japanese Bon Festival — a celebration held each year when a door opens to the world of their ancestors, allowing loved ones to send messages to the other side. It is a time when friends and family come together to share stories, to celebrate, and to honor the memories of loved ones.

June E-newsletter

Speed Kills: Small scale fixes go a long way to slow traffic by walkBoston. Another great resource from the group walkBoston that highlights the importance of lowering speed in order to improve walkability. The resource details small scale improvements that can be made to traffic calm streets such as implementing municipal-wide guidelines, improving street and walkway signage and markings, lane narrowing, increased bumps and barriers, and promoting educational programs for civilians on pedestrian rights and responsibilities.

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We are thrilled to have you on the WalkBoston team! In our efforts to make walking safer and easier in Massachusetts we are asking you to take 3 minutes to speak up and tell us how we are doing!

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Wellington Circle all tied up - again

WalkBoston, municipal name aside, is a statewide organization that promotes walking as transportation as well as recreation. It advocates for pedestrian-minded policies and infrastructure improvements, such as the more inviting sidewalks that are part of the upcoming reconstruction of the Longfellow Bridge.

Health Department, Energize Everett Get High Honors from U.S. Surgeon General

The Energize Everett program was chosen for the WalkBoston Golden Shoe Award for its work to increase access to healthier foods and lifestyles.Energize Everett has been working with area grocery stores, restaurants and convenience stores to improve access to healthier food. Incorporating the WalkBoston map will show residents that the nearest grocery store, or park, or corner store is only a few minutes walk and will encourage walking to a destination rather than driving.

Start Walking: WalkBoston Belmont Map Now Available

"Grab a map and start walking," said Jay Szklut, Belmont's planning and economic development manager, at the conclusion of the public unveiling of walkBoston's map of walking routes around Belmont.

The 25 Best Cities for Walking

Boston has seriously stepped up its efforts to create a citywide walker's paradise. To wit, WalkBoston—an initiative to make the city safer, easier to navigate on foot, greener, and more community-based, which they do by encouraging businesses and individuals to create a pro-walking atmosphere.

A Data-Driven Case for Walkability

Good stuff, and important, too. WalkBoston’s website is chock-full of more information on the group’s activities, policy issues, and even maps of great walking routes in and around Boston.


Local teens helped find walks to take on routes that are not often traveled. They came up with this list that is a challenge for locals of all ages – for the teens as well!


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