Green Line Extension (GLX) Public Meeting

The Green Line Extension (GLX) project Interim Program Management Team will host a public meeting on Wednesday, December 7, 2016, from 

Community members seek to make New Bedford South End more walkable

The New Bedford walk was led by WalkBoston, along with the United Way of Greater New Bedford. Their South End Engaged initiative included 40 stakeholders whose efforts were guided by the vision statement: “All residents of the South End of New Bedford are safe, healthy, and have the knowledge and skills to thrive.”

MAPC Planning - Speed Limits & Safety Zones - Info Flyer

MAPC Planning - Speed Limits & Safety Zones  Fall 2016 Guidance from MAPC on the newly signed Municipal Modernization Bill. The Municipal Modernization Act amends Chapter 90 of the Massachusetts General Laws to allow municipalities to reduce speed limits on specified roadways in the interest of public safety.

Car Strikes Pedestrians on Freedom Trail in Downtown Crossing

Witnesses say the suspect, a woman, tried to leave the scene of the crash, according to Brendan Kearney, communications director for the nonprofit advocacy group WalkBoston, who rushed over to the intersection when he saw reports about it on Twitter. He didn’t see it himself, he says, but witnesses told him a crowd of people, including a man in a Minuteman costume, helped subdue the driver and came to the aid of the victims. “It’s scary. I’m still a little stunned that something like this can happen,” Kearney says. “It happened at, like, noon.

Bike, pedestrian advocates to press mayor on road safety

At least 13 people have died in traffic crashes this year, said Brendan Kearney, spokesman for the pedestrian advocacy organization WalkBoston. Last year, there were 23 fatalities, according to data on the Vision Zero website. Kearney said the city needs to devote more funding for improvements and hire additional staff to make them happen. “They have a great staff right now,’’ he said. “But they don’t have the capacity to tackle all of the needs.”

Salem to Hold Group Walks for Elementary Students

WalkBoston, a nonprofit pedestrian advocacy organization that has conducted walking audits of the downtown and South Salem neighborhoods, offers a walking map of the City...

‘Vision Zero’ to outline traffic calming plans for Talbot-Norfolk

“People are looking forward to being part of this pilot,” said Seskin. “They want to be able to feel comfortable going outside and walking with their kids or their pets, no matter what age they are.” According to the City of Boston’s Vision Zero crash map, Boston had a total of 512 bicyclist injuries and three bicyclist fatalities in 2015. Two of these three fatalities occurred in Dorchester. The TNT neighborhood has already made efforts to reduce this number.

MassDOT installs two pedestrian hybrid beacons to improve pedestrian safety

Brendan Kearney of WalkBoston added, “WalkBoston is pleased that walking and running safety measures have now been added in the project area, instead of waiting until the end of the construction process.”

Walk…Don’t Walk: Pedestrian Safety Awareness for MA Law Enforcement

Screening for the first time at MassDOT's Moving Together 2016 conference is our video "Walk…Don’t Walk: Pedestrian Safety Awareness for MA Law Enforcement." This project is a collaboration between the Boston Police Academy's E-Learning Team, MassDOT, WalkBoston, and other public agencies from across Massachusetts.

Leaders must make safer streets a priority

We desperately need the state, cities, and towns to invest in infrastructure. The status quo is not working. Leaders must prioritize safer options for people to walk, bike, and take transit.


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