Driver Complaint Form

Driver Complaint Form  This Registry of Motor Vehicles form can be used to report drivers who are improperly operating their vehicles (going through ped crossings, mowing you down, etc.

Intersection Form

Intersection Form This form provides a diagram and space to record observations and recommendations about a four-way intersection, often a perilous location for walkers.

Reporting Form

Reporting Form  This form is designed to make it easier to report your observations to local government officials and advocate for improvements.

Making A More Walkable Community

Making A More Walkable Community  This brochure includes: (1) Tips for quick (relatively speaking) fixes for crosswalks, WALK signals, sidewalks and streets; (2) Other basic tools for creating safe streets, intersections, and great sidewalks; and (3) Guidelines for program implementation.

About Walking

About Walking  Laws, factoids, quotes, and reasons to walk.

Let's Make Massachusetts More Walkable

Join Us  Our Individual membership brochure: Who we are, what we do, why we do it, how we can help. Includes membership application listing the various individual levels of support and benefits.

Making Streets Safe

Making Streets Safe  This brochure includes: (1) Policies and overall guidelines to facilitate safer streets; (2) Other techniques for creating safer streets and intersections; and (3) Massachusetts Governor's Highway Safety Bureau programs to increase safety.

Good Walking is Good Business

Good Walking is Good Business  Data, statistics, and reasons why an investment to improve the walking conditions around your place of business is a good business investment.

Membership Committee Meeting

Interested in becoming a member of the membership committee? We are always looking for new ways to appreciate and engage our members, as well as spreading the word about WalkBoston. Feel free to contact Hillary with questions or ideas 617.367.9255

MBTA Fair and Service Change Public Meeting (Mattapan)

Today the MBTA is serving more people more efficiently than ever before—with customers taking more than 1.3 million trips every weekday. Despite this, the T faces one of the most serious financial crises in its history.


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