‘Vision Zero’ to outline traffic calming plans for Talbot-Norfolk

“People are looking forward to being part of this pilot,” said Seskin. “They want to be able to feel comfortable going outside and walking with their kids or their pets, no matter what age they are.” According to the City of Boston’s Vision Zero crash map, Boston had a total of 512 bicyclist injuries and three bicyclist fatalities in 2015. Two of these three fatalities occurred in Dorchester. The TNT neighborhood has already made efforts to reduce this number.

MassDOT installs two pedestrian hybrid beacons to improve pedestrian safety

Brendan Kearney of WalkBoston added, “WalkBoston is pleased that walking and running safety measures have now been added in the project area, instead of waiting until the end of the construction process.”

Walk…Don’t Walk: Pedestrian Safety Awareness for MA Law Enforcement

Screening for the first time at MassDOT's Moving Together 2016 conference is our video "Walk…Don’t Walk: Pedestrian Safety Awareness for MA Law Enforcement." This project is a collaboration between the Boston Police Academy's E-Learning Team, MassDOT, WalkBoston, and other public agencies from across Massachusetts.

Leaders must make safer streets a priority

We desperately need the state, cities, and towns to invest in infrastructure. The status quo is not working. Leaders must prioritize safer options for people to walk, bike, and take transit.

East Boston Age-Friendly walk assessment

To RSVP: Contact Adi Nochur, Project Manager for Age-Friendly Walking, at 617-367-9255 or anochur@walkboston.org.  
We also invite you to spread the word about Age-Friendly Walking by downloading our flyer (PDF) to print and distribute.

Jaywalkers have little to fear in Boston — at least from the law

Brendan Kearney, a spokesperson for WalkBoston, said the concept of jaywalking and laws prohibiting the practice first emerged in the early 20th century, as the automobile industry engaged in a widespread marketing campaign to redefine the public road as the domain of vehicles — not walkers. “If you look at the term ‘jay,’ [in the early 20th century] it meant kind of like a hick, a country bumpkin that doesn’t know what’s going on,” Kearney said. “There was a lot of marketing ...

Weymouth planners look to improve Columbian Square's village appeal

Columbian Square could be a marquee attraction in South Weymouth for visitors to dine at a sidewalk café or shop at an open air market if traffic can be slowed down at the busy intersection, says Wendy Landman, executive director of WalkBoston, a non-profit pedestrian advocacy organization.

Mattapan Square Age-Friendly walk assessment

Tuesday, July 26 from 10:30-12:30 – Mattapan Square Age-Friendly walk assessment at ABCD Mattapan (535 River Street, Boston, MA 02126)


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