Mass Ave Arlington - Bike/Ped Safety Improvement Public Hearing

Tuesday, February 26, 2013 - 7:00pm to 9:00pm
Town Hall Auditorium,730 Massachusetts Ave, Arlington

Speak out for Ped/Bike safety improvements along Mass Ave in East Arlington

Going into its fourth year of planning, the Mass Ave Corridor plan in East Arlington has experienced significant delays due to opposition from a group of well-funded neighbors opposed to the Complete Streets approach to the project. The group has retained their own traffic engineers, attorneys and public-relations specialists to lobby MassDOT and FHWA against the “road diet” and maintain Mass Ave as four traffic lanes.

East Arlington Livable Streets (EALS) Coalition encourages WalkBoston/MassBike/LivableStreets Alliance members—especially those living in Arlington or surrounding communities—to attend this hearing and speak out in support of the Town’s current plan to reduce the under-capacity 4-lane roadway to three lanes and bike lanes. If project opponents succeed against the wishes of much of the neighborhood and a strong majority of Town Meeting, other safety improvements potentially on the chopping block include:

  • Shorter crossing distances for pedestrians (3 lanes instead of 4)
  • Pedestrians refuge islands currently planned to bookend the Capitol Square business district
  • Bike lanes adjacent to wide parking lane with door zone buffer
  • Wider sidewalks along 3-4 block faces in the business district
  • Cobbled, flush median in Capital Square, designed to help make the heart of the business district more distinct