Special Event: Explore Peddocks Island with Christopher Klein, author of Discovering the Boston Harbor Islands

Sunday, July 1, 2012 - 1:30pm
Peddocks Island, Boston Harbor

Author Christopher Klein will take participants on a walking tour of the newly re-opened Peddocks Island, where they will tour Fort Andrews and the surrounding area to learn about the island's vast history and natural resources.


Peddocks Island - one of Boston Harbor's largest - was the backdrop for Revolutionary War action and exhibits evidence of very early human habitation.  More recently, Peddocks has been home to Portuguese lobstermen, Italian P.O.Ws, bootleggers, gamblers, and vacationing summer residents. Graced with rocky beaches and sandy shoals, Peddocks Island features several pristine natural landscapes. The island can also take on a moody feeling, which may have been Hollywood's inspiration for using it as the setting for many scenes in the blockbuster movie Shutter Island.


The tour itself is free-but you need to buy a ferry ticket to get yourself there!   Please visit the Alliance website to purchase ferry tickets and for details on pre-registration and the tour.  For more information about the walking tour, please email Shelby Larsson.  


This event is co-hosted by the Boston Preservation Alliance and the  Boston Harbor Island Alliance.