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WalkBoston reviews selected development and transportation projects, focusing on those that are proposed in locations of particular importance to walkers or will have impacts on a large number of existing (or future) walkers. The comments are submitted to the appropriate public agencies. 

Comment letters are available for download in PDF format  
We also are starting to post the full text of each letter on our Comment Letters Tumblr to make it easy to read & share the information.



Comments on JP/Rox Plan (August 2016) - LivableStreets Alliance, Boston Cyclists Union and WalkBoston appreciate the work the BRA has done thus far to ensure that neighborhood development in Jamaica Plain and Roxbury aligns with residents’ wishes and is done in a sustainable way that preserves neighborhood character. However, our organizations believe that the policies and recommendations outlined in the BRA’s draft plan can be improved.

Comments on Redesign of Morrissey Boulevard (April 22, 2016) - WalkBoston appreciates the opportunity to comment on the proposal for the reconstruction of Morrissey Boulevard. The proposal is very timely and demonstrates a commitment to deal with long-range issues resulting from potentially higher sea levels and the need for sustainable development along the ocean.

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PDF - Comments on Boston2024 Olympics (February 6, 2015) - Neither Massachusetts nor Boston has ever had a grand scheme for investing in and improving walking. Creating the bid for the Olympics presents us with that opportunity. That’s why, as we start an intensive and accelerated discussion of just how the Olympics should be designed, operated and paid for, it is crucial to step back and consider how the Games can have a lasting positive impact on walking and transportation in Boston and beyond –in downtowns and neighborhoods serving many of Massachusetts’ residents. [text link]

Comments on Environmental Notification Form for the Neponset River Greenway Segment 3 - MEPA #15286 (December 12, 2014)WalkBoston wholeheartedly support the proposal and commends DCR in its actions to further construction of waterfront facilities. We applaud DCR for its efforts to cobble together the essential connections to extend both the Harborwalk and the Neponset River Greenway. 

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 #15278 (December 5, 2014) We 
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Comments on the Final Environmental Impact Report for the Redevelopment of the Government Center Garage, MEPA #15134 (October 24, 2014)WalkBoston has reviewed this document to identify potential implications for pedestrians. We offer the following comments regarding Sidwalk Widths, truck loading bays, and cut-ins on sidewalks.

Comments on the Allston I-90 Interchange / West Station (September 29, 2014) The Allston I-90 Interchange Improvement Project can bring a wide variety of benefits to the Commonwealth, City of Boston, and people who live, work, and commute in the area. I hope you will agree that this project is also an opportunity to advance important State initiatives including GreenDOT, the Healthy Transportation Compact, the bike/walk/transit Mode Shift Goal, and Environmental Justice policy. 

Comments on the Final Environmental Impact Report for the Wynn Everett Development MEPA# 15060 (Aug 8, 2014)The proponent has committed to improve several roadways near the site. Alford Street will clearly be in need of improvements because of impacts from this proposal. Alford Street will also need appropriate pedestrian signal equipment (automatic WALK signals during times of day when pedestrians will be present, countdown signals, leading pedestrian indicators, and signal heads at each intersection).

Comments on the Supplemental Draft Environmental Impact Report for the Mohegan Sun Development MEPA# 15006 (Aug 8, 2014) - The proponent has committed $45 million for off-site roadway, traffic and safety improvements. We hope that the commitment will be honored with full ADA compliance, and with appropriate pedestrian signal equipment at each intersection (including countdown signals, leading pedestrian indicators and automatic recall of WALK signals during the hours when pedestrians will be present). 

Comments on the Single Environmental Impact Report for the Landmark Center Redevelopment MEPA# 15183 (Aug 8, 2014)There is an important pedestrian safety issue that we hope the proponent of this project will undertake – improving pedestrian access across Park Drive at the top of the bridge where bus stops and the stairs to the Green Line are located.

Comments on Allston / The I-90 Massachusetts Turnpike Interchange Project, Evaluation Criteria (Aug 6, 2014)Rather than focus on the detailed design and environmental criteria that will be used, WalkBoston feels that it is important to set out big-picture performance standards for the project. Thus far the broader community-building implications of what this project can achieve – beyond its roadway connections to the Turnpike – have not been fully laid out. 

Comments on Green Line Extension (GLX) Project Equivalent Facilitation Request (July 21, 2014)We are very concerned that their combination of steep grades, narrow width, proximate traffic and imperfect snow clearance (this is New England) will result in unsafe and possibly inaccessible conditions during some portion of the year. 

Comments on the Environmental Notification Form for the Beacon Street Multimodal Improvements and Streetscape Enhancement in Somerville, MA The Beacon Street project area extends from the bridge abutment at Oxford Street to Dickinson Street, a distance of approximately 1.1 miles. The project is intended to enhance pedestrian and bicycle movements with improved streetscape, wider sidewalks, a new cycle track/bicycle lanes, and new ADA compliant curb ramps. The project goal is to enhance the multimodal connectivity of the Beacon Street Corridor. 

Comments on Single Environmental Impact Statement for the Silver Line Gateway Proposal – MEPA #15124 (5/9/2014) - The proposal includes very positive improvements for the City of Chelsea, with significantly improved transit connections to downtown and the airport. Stations are pleasantly and attractively designed, with raised platform floors that align with the floors of the Silver Line Gateway buses, thus providing easily accessible service. Landscaping is to be added along the shared use path and the BRT where feasible, improving the route as a pleasant walking facility. The MBTA has planned for off-bus fare collection to speed the boarding of buses and reduce fare collection procedures on-board each bus.

Comments on Landmark Center Expanded Environmental Notification Form - MEPA #15183 (5/9/2014) - The proposed design is organized around pedestrian access. The existing internal circulation in the old Sears Building will be augmented by new pedestrian facilities connecting the Wegman’s market facing Fullerton Street on the east side of the property with retail facilities that face Park Drive on the west. A new pedestrian connection will be made via a walking route that passes through the building connecting the MBTA station on the north side of the site and Brookline Avenue on the south.

Comments on Project File No. 606475 (Allston / I-90 Massachusetts Turnpike Interchange Improvement Project) - WalkBoston is pleased to provide comments on the Allston I-90, Massachusetts Turnpike Interchange Improvement Project and the April 10, 2014 public meeting. We are also pleased to have been invited to participate in the project advisory group. We write to note the issues that we hope will be addressed by the project, some of them to be included in long-range planning and others to be included in project design – but all of them will contribute to the successful reclamation of a large and important piece of the City that has for too long been disregarded as a part of the surrounding community. 

Comments on DCR Back Bay Fens Crosswalk Improvements - WalkBoston has reviewed the DCR’s Back Bay Fens Crosswalk Improvements presentation and attended the public meeting held earlier this month. We are very pleased that DCR will undertake improvements for pedestrian safety. We offer several detailed comments on the intersection of the Fenway and Forsyth Way and the Fenway and the Fenway Service Road from Forsyth Way.

Comments on the EIR for Wynn Everett, MEPA #15060 (2/10/2014)While we are pleased to see that the DEIR includes the proposal for the harbor walk and water transportation docking facilities, we are concerned about the traffic impacts and the lack of sufficient preparation for pedestrian access to the site. Improved pedestrian access is crucial to encouraging transit use as a significant travel choice for both employees and patrons.

Comments on the Government Center Garage Redevelopment Environmental Notification Form EOEA #15134 (2/7/2014) The proposal calls for partial demolition of the underutilized Government Center Garage as an early action, with subsequent demolition and redevelopment to take place over a number of years. Initial demolition will result in opening Congress Street to daylight and allowing redevelopment of the East Parcel, including a new public plaza and pedestrian connection between the Bullfinch Triangle and Greenway. The east parcel is a critical pedestrian link between Downtown Boston and North Station/Bulfinch Triangle, as well as a link to the Rose Kennedy Greenway. 

WalkBoston's Letter of Support for Inclusion of Active Streets in Transportation Bond Bill (2/5/2014)The presence of improved walkways and bicycle facilities encourages an active, healthy lifestyle and reduces auto dependency. In addition to health benefits, Complete Streets can boost the local economy supporting local business districts and increasing property values. While some cities and towns in Massachusetts have already taken steps to implement Complete Streets, this program would provide the necessary incentives and support to encourage even more cities and towns do so.

Comments MGM Springfield Draft Environmental Impact Report EEA #15033 (1/31/2014) - The ENF Certificate provided by Secretary Sullivan called out additional analysis to be included in the DEIR, and specified that the proponent was to meet with WalkBoston about our comments on the ENF. The Secretary's Certificate included this language: "I strongly encourage the proponent to consult with WalkBoston during the preparation of the DEIR to identify opportunities to enhance the development of pedestrian access to and within the site as well as incorporation of safe pedestrian access for off-site roadway improvements." The proponent did meet with us to discuss the project, and were very forthcoming about the pedestrian components of the project. In our discussion we covered many of the ideas that now appear in the DEIR and have solidified the commitment to serving walkers in the project plans and designs. 

Comments on the Charles River Basin Connectivity Study (submitted 1/2/2014) WalkBoston has reviewed the Charles River Basin Pedestrian and Bicycle Study for Pathways and Bridges, the so-called Connectivity Study. Our comments arise from the document and from the recent presentation of the study to the public. The Connectivity Study is very exciting work, as it assembles the issues of movement along the basin very effectively, and points out the possibilities for positive changes in the paths, walkways and running facilities along the River. DCR should be very proud of this feat, and should proceed into implementation of priority aspects of the planning effort as soon as possible. We were particularly heartened by the Study’s general recommendations for the Basin: “DCR should strive to develop a 10’-wide paved path with a parallel soft-surface trail or shoulder for runners (emphasis added) where possible..… In “pinch point” conditions, a minimum 8’ paved path, with 3’ shoulder on one side, should be incorporated.” 


Comments on the Mass Central Rail Trail, MEPA #15133 (December 18, 2013) WalkBoston has reviewed the Expanded Environmental Notification Form for the Mass Central Rail Trail – Wayside Branch. We are very pleased that this facility is being seriously examined for construction, as it is essentially the spine of a trail network that will eventually extend east-west across the full width of the state. As proposed, the new trail will extend 23 miles through eight communities, through a 19 feet wide corridor reserved for construction. The proposed trail will be 10’ wide. Its importance cannot be understated: it will serve as the main stem of a network of state-wide greenways. Our analysis of this proposal suggests that design of the rail trail should ensure that it includes features attractive to a wide range of users, including more than pedestrians, cyclists, and in-line skaters. The trail should be designed to encourage extensive use by runners and joggers. We bring this suggestion into the current review process because it may lead to a consideration of additional width and different materials on a trail surface that provides the best possible conditions for runners and joggers. 

Comments on the Silver Line Gateway, Chelsea, MEPA #15124 (December 16, 2013) WalkBoston has reviewed the Expanded Environmental Notification Form for the Silver Line Gateway Bus Rapid Transit proposal, which will provide additional MBTA service between South Station and the Seaport District into Chelsea and East Boston. The new transit service will be a welcome addition for residents needing improved access into the heart of the metropolitan area.

Cambridge Street overpass, Allston (Nov 12, 2013) - This letter outlines the concerns of nine community organizations (including WalkBoston) regarding the proposed reconstruction of the Cambridge Street overpass over I-90 in Allson, Project No. 606376.

Comments on the DEIR for The Boston Garden, MEPA #15052 (Nov 8, 2013)The DEIR includes a design for Causeway Street that has been superseded because of the City’s receipt of a federal TIGER grant that will pay for the reconstruction of the street. As described to WalkBoston by several City staff members, the designs shown in the document are currently being modified by the City to incorporate cycle tracks instead of bicycle lanes and to possibly alter original alignments of lanes on the street. New designs will change the approved 25% design drawings for all pedestrian crossings on Causeway Street, and for vehicular accommodations on the street as well. The details of the proposed changes have not yet been shared, and WalkBoston will actively participate in review of the new design once it is presented. Rather than provide comments on the current design we have focused this letter on suggestions about elements we would like to see in the new design.

Comments on FEIR/FEIS on the South Coast Rail Project MEPA #14346 (Oct 25, 2013)The project has the potential for improving the mobility of residents throughout the southern part of Massachusetts. Plans for a rail line in this underserved sub-region are intended to expand economic opportunities, reduce traffic, improve air quality, and preserve open space. Equally important goals are to focus on increasing economic opportunity for residents of three cities along the line where substantial transportation obstacles hinder finding and holding jobs in relatively close proximity to affordable housing...As we advocate for pedestrian safety and convenience, we are concerned about how walking will be improved in and around the station sites along the rail line.

Comments for Suffolk Downs Casino Proposal, MEPA #15006 (Oct 11, 2013) - The DEIR documents walking improvements that the proponent will undertake as part of the plan and we are generally pleased with the proposals. We offer comments below to supplement the current proposal with further improvements.

PNF for the Boston Garden Project (Oct 8, 2013)WalkBoston reviewed and supports this project, which is superbly located to be served by public transportation, walking and biking. However, we have concerns about pedestrian access into and through the site: project entrance plaza & covered escalator entrance; Causeway Street Pedestrian Crossings; MBTA access; Causeway Street and the Connect Historic Boston Bike Trail. 

95/I-93 Canton Interchange ProjectWalkBoston is one of several organizations in support of Transportation for Massachusetts’ suggestions concerning the MPO’s proposed Transportation Improvement Plan and Long-Range Transportation Plan. Primary concerns include the absence of informative greenhouse gas emissions data for the proposed 95/I-93 Canton Interchange Project and the insufficiency of funding for all of Massachusetts’s necessary transportation projects. WalkBoston stands behind Transportation for Massachusetts in encouraging the formation of a feasible and environmentally-friendly project plan for the state’s transportation endeavors. 

Comments on the Cambridge Street Overpass - WalkBoston supports MassDOT's attention to improving the Cambridge Street Overpass to incorporate the bridge into a walking, biking, and automobile-friendly neighborhood. The proposal expands on the plans for the bridge, addressing pedestrian safety in such a highly trafficked area, as well as cyclist traffic and protection from autos. Our comments also support increasing the aesthetic appeal of the corridor, which leads into the Allston Village Main Streets business district and has huge potential for improvement. 

Comments on the EENF for Wynn Casino Everett- The proposal includes 3,490 structured parking spaces, and waterfront features that include a harbor walk and water transportation docking facilities. Principal access to the site is from two proposed intersections with Lower Broadway.The projected traffic to be generated by the resort is significant. WalkBoston’s comments focus primarily of the immediate walking environment. However, from a regional perspective, we are concerned that, while the site is at the heart of the metro area, it is located at a considerable distance from centers of population and regional transit stations.

The Boston Garden project, MEPA #15052 - WalkBoston is supportive of this development and considers it a critical location that requires close examination of pedestrian circulation, as it encompasses major pedestrian movements between regionally important city and suburban transit facilities and a major sports facility. In addition to pedestrians already using the site, the proposal will need to accommodate the movements of the new workers, guests and residents brought into the new buildings on the site as the project components are completed. Our comments focus on pedestrian volumes to the site, circulation inside the grouping of new buildings and along the perimeter of the site, and the potential for improvements to the Charles River walkway behind North Station. We also briefly discuss the bascule bridge walkway which is in design, and the South Bank Bridge which remains to be designed, but could impact this project.

Comments on the MGM Springfield Environmental Notification Form - The proposal includes a 592,000 square feet casino resort that includes retail/restaurant uses and banquet facilities in addition to gaming space. Adjacent to the casino will be a 294-room hotel, 54 residential units, and a 140,000 SF retail and entertainment center to be known as Armory Square. A 4,800 space on-site parking garage will be provided. WalkBoston has reviewed the Environmental Notification Form for the MGM Springfield proposal and offers the following comments.

Surgeon General Call to Action on Walking - WalkBoston applauds and fully supports the Office of the Surgeon General in its efforts to advance walking through a proposed call to action. The effort seeks to draw many organizations into a new broad-based partnership to inspire and grow a multi-sector strategy to advance walking and walkability in the United States. This collaborative effort will serve as a nexus for growth of the walking movement by building a partnership of coordinated actions and supporting the many dispersed walking campaigns and community-based projects now underway and certain to grow in the future. We believe that there are deep-seated reasons why walkability is not yet at the center of public concern. To read more about the Surgeon General's call to action on walking visit DC streets blog. 

UMASS Boston Campus Master Plan - We are very pleased that the master plan deals boldly with pedestrian access to and through the campus. The most exciting portion of the planning is the removal of the vast and deteriorating parking platform under the major buildings, which affords the possibility of returning walking paths from the top of the platform, 25 feet above grade, to a ground level network throughout the campus. This major change will allow walking paths to become a major portion of the master plan activities, and open opportunities to provide new ways of connecting campus pedestrians into the surrounding neighborhoods, museums and waterfront.

Union Square Urban Revitalization Plan  - WalkBoston is very pleased that Somerville is moving to incorporate new approaches to urban development as part of its participation in the plan for the extension of the Green Line into Union Square. As the design is still quite general, our comments focus on basic design elements that should be observed to build a strong set of improvements for pedestrians walking in the area.

South Station Expansion Plan - South Station has been the subject of many studies and proposals, and this is by far the most extensive in terms of expanding the ground-level transportation uses of the terminal. The project will have many possible effects on pedestrian movements to and within the site and the specific walking connections that need the highest level of attention are detailed in this comment letter.

Arlington Mass Ave Corridor Plan redesign project - The Town’s current plan includes the reconfiguration of the de facto four-lane street into a three-lane roadway with striped bike lanes, wider sidewalks, improved crosswalks with refuge islands and an assortment of streetscape enhancements. We are collectively writing to express our concern that MassDOT may give too much weight to a non-binding ballot question on the local ballot in Arlington that contradicts state policies and guidelines.

ENF for Caesars Resort at Suffolk Downs - Many of the patrons and staff of the casino complex and racetrack will arrive on foot from transit stations or parking lots. Thus walking should be a significant element of the project design, coordinated with vehicular routes to minimize potential conflicts. Walking, transit and bike use should be maximize d in keeping with the Commonwealth’s goal of tripling the share of walking, biking and transit use.

Casey Arborway 25% Design Comments - Though we whole-heartedly support the general at-grade design, we do have concerns about specific
aspects of the design which we hope can receive additional attention. While a number of these issues were discussed in our January 8th MEPA letter (attached), we would like to take this opportunity to both expand on several of these previously outlined issues and raise a couple of additional issues that have subsequently come to our attention.

NHTSA - requirement that sounds be added to electric cars - WalkBoston wholeheartedly supports the requirement that sound be added to electric and hybrid vehicles, as required by the Pedestrian Safety Enhancement Act of 2010 (PSEA) and proposed in NHTSA’s rule cited above.  When crossing streets and intersections, pedestrians use both ears and eyes to locate approaching traffic and the quiet of these worthy new vehicles presents a real danger. 

Comments in Casey Overpass Project As participants in the Casey Working Advisory and Design Advisory Groups, we advise on design at the street level after the removal of the Casey Overpass in Jamaica Plain at Forest Hills. The goal is to improve the safety of pedestrian and vehicle traffic, create links to popular sites in the area, improve access to the Forest Hills MBTA station, and change Forest Hills into a pedestrian-friendly area, while avoiding major traffic impacts in adjacent neighborhoods.

Barry's Corner Residential and Retail Commons Project - Before construction and redevelopment begins on the Commons Project in Allston, WalkBoston suggests multiple implementations that would benefit pedestrians in the surrounding area.  The redevelopment area aims to include a new basketball arena, retail area, parks, and some residential or office development buildings.  By optimizing the crosswalk and sidewalk designs around the site, pedestrian traffic will be more efficient.

WalkBoston Statement on Casinos: An Opportunity to Provide a Variety of Transportation Options and to Enhance Physical and Operational Relationships with Adjacent Communities. Planning for three casinos in Massachusetts can serve as an opportunity to connect the proposed developments with host communities and surrounding locations and to address their potential impacts and benefits for transportation and community cohesion. Because the casinos are intended to be “entertainment destinations” and not simply gaming parlors, WalkBoston believes that the casinos provide opportunities to improve walkability and transit in diverse regions of the Commonwealth.

Comments on Strategic Development Plan, University of Massachusetts Lowell, Lowell, MA - WalkBoston applauds UMass Lowell’s commitment to improving infrastructure on and between its campuses to improve pedestrian safety and comfort. In order to more effectively work towards these goals, the proponent should develop a more robust wayfinding system within and between UMass Lowell’s campuses.

Fenway Triangle Mixed Use Project- The project consists of two (approximately) 17-story structures, as well as the creation of “New Street” running between Boylston Street and Van Ness Street, which will eventually connect Boylston Street to Beacon Street, and it also leads to an internal access route for parking and service vehicles at 1325 Boylston Street. The potential improvements that this project will bring to the area are substantial.

Millennium Tower Burnham Building - WalkBoston has reviewed the Expanded Environmental Notification Form for the Millennium Tower Burnham Building proposal in Downtown Boston. Our comments reflect the aspects of the proposal that most affect pedestrians, as these components are likely to play an important role in the way in which the project functions and relates to its surroundings.

Casey Arborway project in Jamaica Plain - As we approach the 25 percent design stage of the project, we are excited by the prospect of an at-grade solution that can stimulate the local economy, vastly improve safe bicycle and pedestrian access within the area, reconnect the historic Frederick Law Olmsted Emerald Necklace, and create a new gateway to the Southwest Corridor—one of our community’s most treasured assets.

Causeway Street Reconstruction Project - Though we support most elements of the re-design of Causeway Street that have been presented to date. WalkBoston would also recommend that the design incorporate even more pro-walking features to reflect the fact that walking, transit and bicycling are increasing in the City while vehicle volumes decrease. 

GreenDOT Implementation Plan - Walking-specific comments on GreenDOT Implementation Plan (7/27/12)


Parish Cafe Tree Removal — Comments on Parish Cafe's current plan to remove public street trees to accommodate a sidewalk cafe on Tremont Street, Boston, MA(10/14/11).

Copley Place — Comments on Environmental Notification Form for the Copley Place Retail Expansion and Residential Additions,Boston, MA(10/14/11).

Quincy Center — Comments on expanded environmental notification form with phase 1 waiver request, New Quincy Center Redevelopment (9/9/11).

Parish Cafe — Comments on the outdoor seating area proposal for Parish Cafe in Boston's South End (6/1/11).

Rutherford Avenue — Comments on the funding for Rutherford Ave and Sullivan Square projects in the Boston MPO Long Range Transportation Plan (6/1/11).

South Coast Rail — Comments on the South Coast Rail Draft Environmental Impact Statement/Draft Environmental Impact Report (5/25/11).

Somerville Community Path — Letter to the Transportation Planning and Programming Committee of the Boston MPO supporting the community path extension in Somerville (5/5/11).

Streetscape Improvements - Symphony Hall Area — Comment letter to MassDOT Highway Division reviewing the proposed Symphony area streetscape improvements—25% Design Hearing Project #604871 (5/5/11).

Spicket River Greenway — Comments on the Environmental Notification Form for Spicket River Greenway in Lawrence (3/29/11).

Mystic River Recreational Trail — Comments on the Environmental Notification Form for the Mystic River Recreational Trail in Somerville (3/22/11).

Community Path (Somerville) — Comment letter to the MPO Transportation Planning and Programming Committee in respect to Draft Amendment Three, FFY 2011, TIP to the Boston Metropolitan Area, with a particular focus on funding for the Community Path and its connections in Somerville (3/21/11).

Chapter 90 Transportation Bond Bill (H 1854) — Letter to the Joint Committee on Transportation in support of the proposed increase in Chapter 90 funding to $200 million (3/8/11).

Anderson Bridge — Comments on the Environmental Notification Form for the Rehabilitation of the Anderson Bridge between Boston and Cambridge (3/4/11).

1265 Main Street, Waltham — Comments on the Expanded Environmental Notification Form for 1265 Main Street, Waltham (formerly The Commons at Prospect Hill) (2/15/11).

Reconstruction of Massachusetts Avenue, Arlington — Letter to the MassDOT Highway Division in support for the current 25% Design for the Massachusetts Avenue reconstruction project in Arlington (Project No. 604687) for its example of the principles of a complete street (1/9/11).


Kensington Project — Comments on the proposed Kensington Project in two areas - the operation and design of the alley behind the China Trade Building and the park area in front of the China Trade Center (12/16/10).

Somerville Community Path Extension — Letter to the US Department of Transportation in support of Somerville’s TIGER II grant application to help fund the extension of the Community Path from Somerville to Cambridge and the Charles River (8/17/10).

Green Line Extension Project, Cambridge/Somerville/Medford — Comments on the Final Environmental Impact Report / Environmental Assessment for the Green Line Extension Project in Cambridge, Somerville, and Medford, MA (7/22/10).

Liberty Mutual Group, 157 Berkeley Street — Comments on the Environmental Notification Form for the proposed expansion of the Boston home offices of Liberty Mutual Group at 157 Berkeley Street (7/6/10).

Station at Riverside Project in Newton — Comments on the Environmental Notification Form for Newton’s Riverside Project to adopt transit-oriented development concepts around the MBTA station (5/25/10).

Red Line-Blue Line Connection — Comments to advance the Draft Environmental Impact Report for the Red Line-Blue Line Connector Project (5/21/10).

Route 138 in Canton — Comments on the Environmental Notification Form for the roadway reconstruction of Turnpike Street, Route 138 in Canton (3/2/10).

Longfellow Bridge — Proposal of design choices as well as transit, pedestrian, and bicycle improvements for the rebuilding of the Longfellow Bridge (2/23/10).

Two Brookline Place — Comments to improve the pedestrian environment on the Expanded Environmental Impact Report for Two Brookline Place, Brookline, MA (1/22/10).

Seaport Square Environmental Impact Report — Comments to improve the pedestrian environment on the Draft Project Impact Report / Draft Environmental Impact Report for Seaport Square in Boston(1/15/10).

Green Line Extension Project, Cambridge/Somerville/Medford — Comments on the Draft Environmental Impact Report / Environmental Assessment for the Green Line Extension Project in Cambridge, Somerville, and Medford, MA (1/8/10).


Massachusetts Turnpike Parcel 7 — Comments on the Final Environmental Impact Report for the development of Massachusetts Turnpike Parcel 7 Air Rights (11/25/09).

Mystic Valley Parkway Bridge — Review of the Environmental Notification Form for Mystic Valley Parkway Bridge No. 2 over Alewife Brook in Somerville (10/13/09).

Route 99 — Letter to the Massachusetts Highway Department on the improvements to Route 99 (Broadway / Alford Street) in Boston and Everett, MA (9/17/09).

Silver Line Extension to South Station — Comments on the Essex Street / Surface Road / Lincoln Street Intersection, sidewalk widths on Essex Street, and the Essex Street bus stop location in the Notice of Project Change for the Silver Line Service Extension to South Station(7/29/09).

Science Park/West End Station Accessibility Improvements — Comments on the Environmental Notification Form for pedestrian safety on the ground-level setting of the Science Park / West End Station Accessibility Improvements (7/28/09).

Nonantum Road — Comments on the Environmental Notification Form for the Nonatum Road improvements in Boston, Watertown, and Newton, MA to make the reconstruction even safer for pedestrians (7/28/09).

Jamaica Plain — Comments on the Jamaica Pond Pedestrian Access Enhancements at three locations in the Jamaica Plain section of Boston, MA (7/15/09).

Columbia Point Master Plan — Letter to Boston Redevelopment Authority reviewing the draft of the Columbia Point Master Plan (7/15/09).

Renaissance Village Brockton — Comments on the Environmental Notification Form for the Renaissance Village project in Brockton, MA (7/10/09).

Harbor Garage Redevelopment — Comments on the Environmental Notification Form and Project Notification Form for the Harbor Garage Redevelopment for a more walkable design that makes better use of the location's intrinsic amenities (7/6/09).

Parcel 9 — Letter to the Massachusetts Turnpike Authority on the Parcel 9 proposals along the Greenway to enhance pedestrian use (6/12/09).

Alewife Brook Greenway — Comments on the Alewife Brook Greenway Environmental Notification Form to improve the walking environment (6/29/09).

Queset Commons — Comments on the Draft Environmental Impact Report for the Queset Commons Chapter 40R Smart Growth Development in Easton, MA on improvements to encourage more walking (5/22/09).

Signal & Intersection Improvements Dorchester Ave, Boston, MA — Letter to the Massachusetts Highway Department on the plans to improve the signals and intersections on Dorchester Avenue (5/21/09).

Jackson Street SRTS Project — Comments to the Massachusetts Highway Department on this SRTS project in Northampton (5/14/09).

First Herring Brook Pedestrian Bridge — Comments on ENF for this project to build a pedestrian bridge in Scituate (5/12/09).

Longfellow Bridge Reconstruction — Comments on ENF for reconstructing the Longfellow Bridge between Boston and Cambridge (5/8/09).

Waterfront Square at Revere Beach — Comments on FEIR for transit-oriented development near Wonderland Station (5/8/09).

Riverwalk Redevelopment — Comments on expanded ENF for this proposed project in Lawrence (4/24/09).

Seaport Square — Comments on NPC for Seaport Square project in Boston (4/23/09).

Concord Avenue Improvements — Letter to Cambridge Department of Public Works in support of Concord Avenue Reconstruction project (3/5/09).

Commonwealth Transportation Reform — Letter to Joint Transportation Committee on proposals for Massachusetts transportation reform (3/17/09).

Rutherford Avenue / Sullivan Square — Joint comment letter on design plans for Rutherford Avenue and Sullivan Square in Charlestown (1/09/09).

South Coast Rail — Comments on ENF for South Coast rail project (1/08/09).

Plymouth Rock Studios — Comments on expanded ENF for this project in Plymouth (1/3/09).


Urban Ring — Comment letter on revised DEIR/DEIS for Urban Ring Corridor Phase 2 (12/28/08).

Accelerated Bridge Repair Program — Joint comment letter on Commonwealth's bridge repair program (12/09/08).

Franklin Park Study — Comments on draft transportation and access study for Franklin Park (12/05/08).

Merano Project — Comments on the environmental notification form for the Merano project at Bulfinch Triangle in Boston (12/26/08).

Parcel 24 Project — Comments on this Draft Project Impact Report for affordable housing in Boston's Chinatown (9/15/08).

Neponset River Reservation Phase II — Comments on Environmental Notification Form for Master Plan for riverbanks from Central Avenue to Fowl Meadow (9/15/08).

Bayside — Comments on Environmental Notification Form / Project Notification Form for a mixed-use project on 28 acres in Boston (8/15/08).

Assembly Square — Comments on Draft Environmental Impact Report for a mixed-use development in Somerville (8/7/08).

Seaport Square — Comments on ENF/PNF for Seaport Square in Boston (7/31/08).

Lynn Harbor Line Relocation — Comments on the Environmental Notification Form for the relocation of an electrical transmission line in the City of Lynn (7/29/08).

Nahant Beach Reservation — Comments on Expanded Environmental Notification Form for the rehabilitation of Nahant Beach Reservation (7/15/08).

Commonwealth Avenue Phase 3 Improvements — Comments on Environmental Notification Form for landscaping improvements for Commonwealth Avenue in Newton (7/15/08).

Route 16 Green Line Study — Letter in support of studying Green Line extension to Somerville - Medford station (6/16/08).

Hamilton Canal District — Comments on Environmental Notification Form for mixed use project in Lowell (6/8/08).

Museum Road and Forsyth Way — Comments on Massachusetts Highway Department designs for Museum Road and Forsyth Way in Boston (5/22/08).

Bulfinch Triangle Project — Comments on Project Notification Form and Environmental Notification Form for mixed use project along the Rose Kennedy Greenway in Boston (4/25/08).

Charlesview Redevelopment — Comments on Environmental Notification Form for residential redevelopment project in Boston's Allston-Brighton neighborhood (3/28/08).

Meadow Walk at Lynnfield — Comments on Draft Environmental Impact Report for mixed-use redevelopment in Lynnfield and Wakefield (3/21/08).

Massachusetts Turnpike Parcel 7 Air Rights — Comments on Environmental Notification Form for proposed mixed-use redevelopment near Kenmore Square in Boston (2/12/08).

585 Commercial Street — Comments on Draft Environmental Impact Report for building on downtown Boston's waterfront (2/06/08).

The Commons at Prospect Hill — Comments on Draft Environmental Impact Report for proposed mixed use development in Waltham (2/04/08).


Bulfinch Triangle Parcel 1 — Comments on Project Notification Form for proposed mixed-use project adjacent to the MBTA's North Station (12/12/07).

Meadow Walk at Lynnfield — Comments on Expanded Environmental Notification Form for mixed-use redevelopment in Lynnfield and Wakefield (10/10/07).

Haverhill - Merrimack River Walkway — Comments on Expanded Environmental Notification Form for proposed walkway along Merrimack River (10/1/07).

Taunton High School — Comments on proposed renovations and additions on site of Taunton High School (9/28/07).

Harvard University Allston Science Complex — Comments on Draft Project Impact Report (9/10/07).

Harvard University Allston Campus 20-Year Master Plan — Comments on Expanded Environmental Notification Form (9/7/07).

Greenhouse Gas Policy — Comments on Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs Greenhouse Gas Policy (8/7/07).

One Franklin — Comments on the Filene's redevelopment project in Boston's Downtown Crossing (07/13/07).

Storrow Drive Reconstruction — Comments on the Environmental Notification Form for reconstruction of Storrow Drive (07/13/07).

120 Kingston Street — Comments on the Environmental Notification Form and Project Notification Form for this residential development in Boston (4/27/07).

Waterside Place — Comments on this project in the South Boston Seaport District (4/06/07).

Osbourne Hills — Comments on Draft Environmental Impact Report for residential project in Salem (1/22/07).

DCR Historic Parkway Guidelines — Comments on draft gudelines for reconstruction and rehabilitation of historic parkways (1/12/07).

Chestnut Hill Square — Comments on the Final Environmental Impact Report for commercial development in Newton (1/05/07).

Jackson Square — Comments on Environmental Notification Form/Project Notification Form for transit oriented development in Boston (1/05/07).


Green Line Extension Expanded Environmental Notification Form — Comments on pedestrian issues related to Green Line extension in Cambridge, Somerville, and Medford (11/23/06).

585 Commercial Street — Comments on Expanded Environmental Notification Form and Project Notification Form for building on Boston's downtown waterfront (11/14/06).

Snow and Ice Control Program — Comments on Generic Environmental Impact Report for Massachusetts Highway Department Snow and Ice Control Program (9/27/06).

Westwood Station Expanded Environmental Notification Form — Comments on pedestrian access for major mixed-use development (9/22/06).

Osbourne Hills Environmental Notification Form — Residential subdivision in Salem (9/11/06).

Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital Environmental Notification Form and Institutional Master Plan — Comments on hospital's move to Charlestown Navy Yard (9/11/06).

Highway Safety Plan – Comments to the Massachusetts Highway Department on the Guiding Principles for the Massachusetts Highway Safety Plan (6/28/06).

Hayward Place – Comments on the Final Project Impact Report for this development between Downtown Crossing and Chinatown (6/14/06).

Storrow Drive Tunnel – Proposal for redevelopment of Storrow Drive Tunnel and pedestrian improvements to Esplanade (6/13/06).

Restoration of Longfellow Bridge – Identfication of elements to include in plans to restore Longfellow Bridge (6/7/06).

Lovejoy Wharf Final Project Impact Report – Third round of comments on proposal for large residential development on the Boston waterfront (5/16/06)


Canal Place – Proposal for large mixed use development in Boston's Bulfinch Triangle (12/12/05)

Charlestown Haul Road – Massport feasibility study for truck/rail haul road (9/16/05)

Lovejoy Wharf Draft Project Impact Report – Proposal for large residential development on the Boston waterfront (9/15/05)

Massachusetts Draft 20-Year Transportation Framework Plan - (9/12/05)

Cambridge Discovery Park Draft Environmental Impact Report – Proposal for 800,000-plus square foot office development in Cambridge (7/18/05)

Lowe's of Hadley Environmental Notification Form – Proposal for major retail development in Hadley (6/7/05)

Lovejoy Wharf Environmental Notification Form – Proposal for waterfront development near North Station (1/28/05)

Mystic River Path – Letter to MBTA and EPA regarding long-term opportunity for pedestrian/bicycle connection on the banks of the Mystic River (1/19/05)