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Boston Public Radio   |  Aug 20, 2012   |  By Boston Public Radio Staff
Pounding the Boston Pavement with Bob Sloane Today we talk with Robert Sloane, the founder of WalkBoston. Sloane was recently honored at the White House for his efforts to promote walking in Boston. WalkBoston advocates for investment in "walking infrastructure," and hopes to get communities together to support this primal, primary method of transportation. Read More
Safety Research & Strategies, Inc.   |  Aug 16, 2012   |  By
Why are Pedestrian Deaths Rising? Here’s a traffic safety fact: You don’t really know if an increase in the raw number of pedestrian fatalities really represents an upward trend unless you know how many pedestrians there are and how many miles they’ve walked. That didn’t stop the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration from releasing a micro report on the subject, based on data collected for its annual compendium of crash statistics Traffic Safety Facts. Wendy Landman, executive director of WalkBoston, says “What this report doesn’t get into is exposure,” Landman says. “We have one piece of the picture and only one piece. We need better data and more explicative data that could help us figure out what’s going on.” Read More   |  Aug 9, 2012   |  By Taryn Plumb
To prod residents to hoof it, towns map out walking routes If you live in Milford or Franklin, you no longer have an excuse not to get out and walk. Through a collaboration between the two towns, the nonprofit WalkBoston organization, and the Hockomock Area YMCA, each community now has its own downtown walking map outlined with numerous routes, time markers, and various points of interest.   |  Aug 8, 2012   |  By Matt Rocheleau
White House honors leading member of pedestrian advocacy group WalkBoston Robert Sloane, a senior project manager for WalkBoston and a former assistant transportation secretary for the state, was recognized last week as one of 14 “Transportation Innovators,” who were selected from candidates across the country by the White House’s “Champions for Change” program.
Metro   |  Jul 20, 2012   |  By Morgan Rousseau
Do you know Boston enough to Step On It? WalkBoston's sidewalk scavenger hunt was named a not to miss weekend event by the Metro. "WalkBoston is preparing to host 'Step On It,' its first ever sidewalk scavenger hunt, in Downtown Boston."
BostInno   |  Jul 12, 2012   |  By Steve Annear
New Bridge For Bikers and Pedestrians Connects Charlestown to Cambridge Starting Friday, pedestrians and cyclists (ok, fine, rollerbladers, too) will have a new way to get from Charlestown to Cambridge, without hopping in their car. Wendy Landman, Executive Director of Walk Boston, a non-profit membership organization dedicated to improving walking conditions in cities and towns across Massachusetts, called it “a fantastic project.” Read More
8-80 Cities   |  Jun 28, 2012   |  
June E-newsletter Speed Kills: Small scale fixes go a long way to slow traffic by walkBoston. Another great resource from the group walkBoston that highlights the importance of lowering speed in order to improve walkability. The resource details small scale improvements that can be made to traffic calm streets such as implementing municipal-wide guidelines, improving street and walkway signage and markings, lane narrowing, increased bumps and barriers, and promoting educational programs for civilians on pedestrian rights and responsibilities. Read More
For Your Benefit   |  Jun 13, 2012   |  
Walk to Wellness Walking is an easy, low impact way to increase your physical activity and path to wellness. The benefits of walking are many.WalkBoston, an organization dedicated to making communities across Massachusetts safer and more walkable for pedestrians, cites some compelling studies about the benefits of walking in their “Walk Your Way to Health” brochure: Women who walk three or more hours per week reduce their risk of a coronary event by 35% compared with women who do not walk, according to a Women Nurses’ Health Study; and Retired men who walk more than two miles per day have half the mortality rate as those who walk less than one mile per day according to a Harvard University study.
Milford Daily News   |  Jun 6, 2012   |  By Derek Mclean/Daily News staff
Milford wants to stamp out childhood obesity Healthy Futures also announced that they have joined forces with a small non-profit called WalkBoston, which created a map of various walking paths around the town. The maps are currently available to all town residents at various community buildings including Town Hall, the Milford Public Library and the police station. It can also be found on the town website. Read More
Sustain Magazine   |  Jun 6, 2012   |  By Wendy Landman
More Walkable Cities Benefit Everyone Imagine being elderly and trapped in an apartment for twelve days because the sidewalks outside your building are covered in snow and have not been shoveled. People confront these obstacles every day in cities large and small across the U.S. Establishing healthy, livable communities means addressing these challenges by creating pedestrian-friendly built environments that encourage and support walking, biking and transit. [see page 31]
BelmontPatch   |  Jun 6, 2012   |  By Franklin Tucker
Map Your Walk Around Belmont The map – a pdf version is attached to this web page – displays walking routes that residents and visitors can take to explore neighborhoods, to walk from one center to another, seek out historic houses and barns and to enjoy the town's conservation lands such as Lone Tree Hill and Rock Meadow. Read More
EngageCities   |  Jun 6, 2012   |  By Joseph Cutrufo
Boston Pedestrian Advocates Take Public Participation to the Streets When we think of "public participation" in the planning process, what comes to mind? It probably looks something like this: A weekday evening, a half-full school auditorium, where the same handful of advocates and concerned citizens voice their opinions, as they have many times before. What's often missing is the voice of the average citizen. Read More   |  May 18, 2012   |   By Erik Moskowitz
Wellington Circle all tied up - again WalkBoston, municipal name aside, is a statewide organization that promotes walking as transportation as well as recreation. It advocates for pedestrian-minded policies and infrastructure improvements, such as the more inviting sidewalks that are part of the upcoming reconstruction of the Longfellow Bridge. Read More
MetroWest Daily News   |  May 13, 2012   |  By Brian Benson/Daily News Staff
Communities want you to break out your walking shoes “A lot of the work we do in more urban communities is utilitarian walking … geared toward walking as a practical, inexpensive form of transportation,” said Joseph Cutrufo, walkBoston’s program coordinator. “In MetroWest, it’s a little harder to do that. Most people own cars. It’s hard to fit walking into your day to do anything besides exercise.” Read More
BelmontPatch   |  May 9, 2012   |  By Frank Tucker
Start Walking: WalkBoston Belmont Map Now Available "Grab a map and start walking," said Jay Szklut, Belmont's planning and economic development manager, at the conclusion of the public unveiling of walkBoston's map of walking routes around Belmont. Read More
Prevention Magazine   |  May 1, 2012   |  By Bari Nan Cohen
The 25 Best Cities for Walking Boston has seriously stepped up its efforts to create a citywide walker's paradise. To wit, WalkBoston—an initiative to make the city safer, easier to navigate on foot, greener, and more community-based, which they do by encouraging businesses and individuals to create a pro-walking atmosphere. Read More
The Atlantic Cities   |  Apr 13, 2012   |  By Kaid Benfield
A Data-Driven Case for Walkability Good stuff, and important, too. WalkBoston’s website is chock-full of more information on the group’s activities, policy issues, and even maps of great walking routes in and around Boston. Read More
Everett Independent   |  Apr 4, 2012   |  By Independent Staff
Health Department, Energize Everett Get High Honors from U.S. Surgeon General The Energize Everett program was chosen for the WalkBoston Golden Shoe Award for its work to increase access to healthier foods and lifestyles.Energize Everett has been working with area grocery stores, restaurants and convenience stores to improve access to healthier food. Incorporating the WalkBoston map will show residents that the nearest grocery store, or park, or corner store is only a few minutes walk and will encourage walking to a destination rather than driving. Read More
Green Streets Initiative   |  Mar 24, 2012   |  By Green Streets Initiative
Our friends at WalkBoston This year, WalkBoston came across the Charles River to Cambridge for their annual meeting, and we were really happy to attend. It was exciting to see so many walkers of all ages turn out with their walking shoes on. Read More
Patriot Ledger   |  Feb 8, 2012   |  By Jack Encarnacao
Quincy officials look to change pedestrians' habits amid high accident numbers The Jan. 31 accident, one of two fatal accidents this year in Quincy, highlights pedestrian habits that police, the mayor and city officials are seeking to break through a forthcoming public education campaign Read More